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Greece heads to the polls

Touristclick Greece Travel news

Greece heads to the polls
Greek voters went to the polls on Sunday to elect a new government in what was expected to be a close call race for Prime Minister Costas Carmanlis' conservatives in the aftermath of a national fire tragedy.

After one of the briefest electoral campaigns in decades, pollsters anticipated a neck-and-neck race between the ruling New Democracy party and the opposition Pasok socialists.

For although the ND party led by Karamanlis carried a slim lead into Sunday's decider, an unusually high number of undecided voters and general alienation over the fires that killed over 60 people makes this election too close to call.

Polling stations opened across the country at 0400 GMT and were to remain open until 1600 GMT, with exit polls expected to be released as soon as they closed. Result projections are expected around 1930 GMT.

Karamanlis, 51, is seeking a second four-year term on the strength of economic reforms that cut the deficit and unemployment and kept the economy growing at around four percent of GDP per year.

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Greece Travel news

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