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WTTC confirms Greece`s tourism good pace

Touristclick Greece Travel news

WTTC confirms Greece`s tourism good pace
There will be no decline in reservations to Greece neither in winter nor in the next summer from tour operators or from the cruise sector said Mr. Jean Claude Baumgarten, President of the World Tourism & Travel Council (WTTC) after his quick visit to Greece on 6th September.

Mr. Baumgarten met with the Greek Minister of Tourism Development Ms. Fani Petralia where they had the chance to analyze the course of Greece’s tourism. “I am here (Greece) for a short only visit,” stated Mr. Baumgarten.

“You all know WTTC and as his president I took the initiative to visit Greece. We have worked a lot with Greece during the last two years and we are in the phase of conducting a new report so we are extremely aware of the country. I considered visiting Greece in order to transfer the feeling of the international tourism industry for Greece,” added Baumgarten.

“WTTC has faced many bad situations in many regions around the world. What I can definitely say as far as WTTC is concerned is that we haven’t witnessed any negative impact for Greece for the coming winter and summer.”

Mr. Baumgarten assured Greek tourism authorities that Greece will enjoy a part of the tourism development that the industry is going to experience in the future. “Greece will be able to enjoy all the promotional efforts authorities undertook for the country during the previous years,” as WTTC`s President stressed.

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Greece Travel news

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