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Germanys best airport manager

Touristclick Germany Travel news

Germanys best airport manager
Munich Airport CEO, Dr. Michael Kerkloh, has successfully defended the title he earned last year as “Airport Manager of the Year.“

The award, conferred by the renowned aviation journal, Touristik Report, and the Munich daily newspaper, S?ddeutsche Zeitung, was handed over to the head of the Munich Airport operating company, Flughafen M?nchen GmbH (FMG), at a ceremony yesterday in Frankfurt with top representatives of the tourism industry in attendance.

The vote was conducted by a 37-member jury recruited from a pool of airport executives and other industry experts. Kerkloh owes his successful reelection not only to the support of his colleagues in the executive suites of German airports, who picked him as the unchallenged number one in their midst. The Munich Airport CEO won by an even wider margin in the voting by aviation journalists and industry experts.

In the runner-up positions behind Kerkloh were Michael Seite 2 von 2 Eggenschwiler (Hamburg Airport), Christoph Blume (D?sseldorf Airport), Wilhelm Bender (Fraport) and Rainer Schwarz (Berlin Airport).

In addition to the best airport manager, four other awards were handed out in Offenbach to managers in various areas of the travel industry and the award for tourism manager of the year, which went this year to Joachim Hunold, the head of the airline Air Berlin.

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Germany Travel news

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