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Tourists remember Diana in Paris

Touristclick France Travel news

Tourists remember Diana in Paris

Tourists in Paris are paying tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales, near the spot where she died 10 years ago - the Pont de l'Alma tunnel.

They have been leaving flowers, photos and cards dedicated to the princess. There will be no official commemoration in Paris, but there have been calls for a permanent memorial to be created.

The official French investigation concluded several years ago that the driver of the car carrying the princess was responsible for the accident. Some tourists have travelled from other countries especially to pay tribute. A statue at the site, a golden flame that is actually a symbol of French-American friendship, has become an unofficial shrine to Diana.

Today's events here are distinctly low-key compared to 10 years ago. Photographers who had been following the princess were accused of manslaughter but eventually cleared, though three were convicted of breaching privacy laws. The official French investigation closed in 2000, although legal cases brought by Mohamed Al Fayed and the family of the driver Henri Paul are still ongoing.

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