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France Travel News

Take a time to explore our France travel News section before you travel to France.

Touristclick France Travel news

Paris on Two Wheels
The first time I heard about Vélib was this past summer, when my brother returned from a vacation in Paris. He told me about this wonderful new system where you could rent a bike and in this way visit the city without depending on the metro or buses. Oct 2007

Our ball drop-kicked into heart of France
It is the most recognisable icon of Paris, and now it has been joined by a symbol of New Zealand. Okay, so theirs is the Eiffel Tower and ours is the world's biggest rugby ball, but it seems Parisians don't mind having what looks like a giant kiwi egg nearby. Oct 2007

Holidays in France
France is one of Europe's most popular destinations for a wide range of holidays. There are absolutely thousands of camping sites all over France, where you can pitch your own tent, go touring with a caravan or motor home, but for more convenience you could even hire a chalet already on site. Oct 2007

French travel advisory relaxed
The French Government relaxed the travel advisory to Sri Lanka on October 2, allowing French tour operators and travel agents to resume selling travel packages to Sri Lanka with immediate effect. Oct 2007

Azzura sets sail from France
Azzura, a magnificent state-of-the-art 75-ft sailing catamaran, which will add a new dimension to Oman’s sea tourism, set sail from France yesterday. Oct 2007

The stones of Paris
For centuries, the French have been using a particular local stone to create the distinctive buildings of their capital. But growing demand from around the world is threatening to exhaust the quarries in question. Sep 2007

France taking measures to boost tourism
Paris, Sept. 2 Authorities in France say they want to improve the manners of the notoriously rude French, following a dismal tourism season. Sep 2007

The Pleasures of France's No. 2 Palace
Because of its enormous scale and spectacular geometric gardens, the 700-room Chateau of Versailles is the most prominent royal palace in France. The estate attracts 3 million annual visitors. On any given day the grounds are jam-packed with tourists. Sep 2007

France's 'Other' Side
France - If only we had narrower roads - you know, the kind that used to serve people on foot, horseback and oxcart. Sep 2007

Air France points to future of travel
Air France is launching two new trials of biometric and RFID technology for the passenger boarding and baggage tracking parts of its operations. Sep 2007

France loses perch as top tourist spot
The pursed lips, the callous shrug of the shoulders and the infamous indifference to the struggling foreigner has been the stuff of tourists’ moans for decades. But now the notorious grumpiness of the French would seem to have got its comeuppance. Sep 2007

Truffaut and France's Beautiful Stru
" The proudest, stubbornest, most obstinate, in other words most free, film in the world" went Jean-Luc Godard's 1959 description of "The 400 Blows," Fran?ois Truffaut's 1959 film about neglect and petty crime in Paris. Sep 2007

Flamingos and fun in Camargue, France
France - In the weeks leading up to our first trip to Provence, we pored over guidebooks, reacquainting ourselves with images immortalized by Cezanne and popularized by the films ''Jean de Florette'' and ''Manon of the Spring.'' Sep 2007

Tourists remember Diana in Paris
Tourists in Paris are paying tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales, near the spot where she died 10 years ago - the Pont de l'Alma tunnel. Sep 2007

Sophisticated taste: Paris museum restaurants
Art is on the plate at five top spots where the views are as fine as the food, and you can keep the security guards up late.
Sep 2007

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France Travel news

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