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Cyprus rural tourism event set for Paphos Castle

Touristclick Cyprus Travel news

Cyprus rural tourism event set for Paphos Castle on Saturday
Efforts are underway to establish Cyprus on the international tourist map as a destination offering a wealth of unique experiences beyond the traditional ‘sun, sand and sea’.

Within the framework of its “Rural Tourism Promotion Plan” (50% funded by the European Regional Development Fund), the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) is planning a series of events in Cyprus and abroad to promote the many unique charms of rural Cyprus, such as natural attractions, local culture, traditional gastronomy and, of course, the legendary Cypriot hospitality.

A major CTO event offering a real taste of rural Cyprus will take place outside the medieval castle at Paphos harbour this Saturday, September 8. The event is an opportunity for visitors and local residents alike to have a good time and discover a few of the secrets of the countryside.

From 4pm to 10pm, everyone is invited to come along to the traditional village square being created for the event at Pafos’ beautiful harbour. It’s a chance for an evening in the country without leaving town with a variety of rural activities recreated on the coast, including traditional foods, wine tasting, traditional sweets such as loukmades, rural crafts and much, much more.

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Cyprus Travel news

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