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Cyprus - a healthy investment

Touristclick Cyprus Travel news

Cyprus - a healthy investment
Those considering investing in property in Cyprus may not need to do too much research to realise that the country is blessed with fine weather, warm coastal waters and attractive beaches. A bit more research will establish that it is an anglo-friendly country, with documents written in English, Commonwealth membership and right-hand driving, as well as having a highly developed tourist infrastructure and plenty of airports.

Best of all, property expert and Cypriot resident Kevin Moore has written, the returns on investments are good, particularly off-plan. "There is a good chance that it will increase in value before its even finished or you have paid off the full amount of the purchase price," he stated in an article for

Mr Moore added that the investment can pay for itself through the "huge rental market" that has emerged as a key feature of the growing Cypriot tourism industry. "This is a win- win situation for those who own Cyprus apartments and those looking for private holiday accommodation too," he stated.

Cyprus is certainly attracting the tourists, with even Britain's tabloids recommending it to people who might traditionally have headed for the Balearics or the Costas. Writing in the People, Jon Wise wrote: "With its stunning mountains, hidden beaches and sunny climate, it's easy to see why millions of Brits fall in love with the island," reported last week. The advantages listed were familiar: short flying times from the UK, plenty of heritage, culture and nightlife, things for people of all ages and with different interests to do. In other words, mass appeal.

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Cyprus Travel news

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