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Cyprus 'expecting lots of visitors this winter'

Touristclick Cyprus Travel news

Cyprus 'expecting lots of visitors this winter' Cyprus tourism officials are reportedly expecting the island's travel industry to continue to perform strongly this winter, following impressive growth in the summer.

Operators based in Larnaca are predicting an increase in visitors from the United Kingdom in particular, the Cyprus Mail reports.

In August this year tourism numbers increased by between 7% and 8% compared to the same month in 2006, while July also saw a rise in visitors.

Early indications suggest that the winter could be similarly successful, with hotels in Larnaca already seeing an increase in bookings between October and December.

Costas Papacharalambous, head of the Larnaca Tourism Development and Awareness Company, said: 'What we are all hoping for is that by the end of the year [we] will cover the losses we endured in the first six months of 2007 but also, if possible, even profit.

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Cyprus Travel news

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