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CTO officials battle to improve restaurant service

Touristclick Cyprus Travel news

CTO officials battle to improve restaurant service
TOURISM officials are conducting spot controls on restaurants around the island, checking for cleanliness, uniformed waiters, clearly placed price lists and general aesthetics, though the latter is more a matter of taste, according to one tourism industry source.

The Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) has been conducting an island-wide campaign to make sure that tourism outlets are sticking to the letter of the law and keeping the level of services high. Restaurants in particular are being checked for their quality of services. The place has to be kept clean, hygienic, with all staff in their proper uniforms, and most importantly menu prices clearly on display.

One industry source told the Cyprus Mail that the CTO inspectors were more likely to make observations to restaurant owners but if the violations were serious then the law provides the opportunity to impose fines. Many outlets have already been inspected and more inspections are planned for the future. The CTO particularly encourages customers to report any complaints they may have to the organisation so they can follow it up by calling the central line on 22-691100.

According to the last barometer that CTO commissioned on the tourism industry, Cyprus scored highest in the food and services sector. Customer satisfaction was at its lowest in the transportation sector. Tourists’ biggest gripe was the cost of getting to and from the airport, which sometimes equaled the cost of their budget flights, and the transport options within the cities and between different parts of the island.

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Cyprus Travel news

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