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Buying Property in the North of Cyprus

Touristclick Cyprus Travel news

Buying Property in the North of Cyprus
A quick search on the internet for property in North Cypus will yield over three million pages of results many linking to developers selling houses and villas in Northern Cyprus. There is no shortage of property being offered for sale and it would appear that there are also plenty of eager buyers lining up to part with their cash too.

Many of these buyers are totally unaware of the fact that ownership of the land these house are being built on is still under dispute. In fact they could technically be buying an apartment or villa in Northern Cyprus built on land that is part of this ongoing dispute. To gain a little more understanding of this complexed matter here follows a bit of a history lesson.

In 1974 the Turkish army invaded Northern Cyprus and drove out the Greek Cypriots living there. They were encouraged to leave in somewhat of a hurry and were only able to leave with what they could carry. Everything else was left behind including land and houses displacing thousands of Greek Cypriot residents from their own homes.

Most of these displaced persons and even their descendants still consider themselves to be refugees from Northern Cyprus. Even now (2007) there are still official refugee settlements on the South of the Island housing many of these families who lost everything they owned when they fled Northern Cyprus. To this day they still lay claim to the land they own in the North of the Island and the Cyprus government shares the same view.

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