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Cyprus Travel News

Take a time to explore our Cyprus travel News section before you travel to Cyprus.

Touristclick Cyprus Travel news

Finding the Ideal Cyprus Investment Property
Holiday property sales are one of the fastest growing property markets and counties like Cyprus are right there at the leading edge. The Cyprus developers are working flat out to keep up with the ever increasing demand for luxury villas and apartments. Oct 2007

Buying Property in the North of Cyprus
A quick search on the internet for property in North Cypus will yield over three million pages of results many linking to developers selling houses and villas in Northern Cyprus. Oct 2007

Making the Most of Cyprus Excursions
Cyprus excursions are a great way to see more of this beautiful Island especially if you don't want the hassle of driving yourself. After all you don't go on holiday to drive around if you can get someone else to do it for you. Oct 2007

Cyprus 'expecting lots of visitors this winter' Cyprus tourism officials are reportedly expecting the island's travel industry to continue to perform strongly this winter, following impressive growth in the summer.
Oct 2007

Cyprus seeks to lure low cost airlines
IN A bid to reverse falling tourist numbers, the government aims to give incentives to foreign airlines to start flights to Cyprus, but will need EU backing for the project. Oct 2007

Cyprus - a healthy investment
Those considering investing in property in Cyprus may not need to do too much research to realise that the country is blessed with fine weather, warm coastal waters and attractive beaches.
Oct 2007

New areas, new prospects for Cyprus
Cyprus has long been a popular location, both with holidaymakers and property investors keen to make the most of the island's tourist attractions. Like many locations in the Mediterranean, the island has not just sun, sand and sea, but also a highly developed tourist infrastructure and a large British expat community. Sep 2007

CTO officials battle to improve restaurant service
Tourism officials are conducting spot controls on restaurants around the island, checking for cleanliness, uniformed waiters, clearly placed price lists and general aesthetics, though the latter is more a matter of taste, according to one tourism industry source. Sep 2007

Cyprus Apartments and Living the Cyprus Dream
Do you dream of owning a Cyprus apartment or luxury villa of your own? How many times have you sat in front of the TV watching those reality programs about lucky people buying holiday homes in the sun and wished it was you? Sep 2007

Cyprus villages 'could offer bargain properties'
Overseas property investors have been advised that they could acquire potential bargains if they look at coastal villages in Cyprus.
Sep 2007

Uncovering northern Cyprus
Picking up a tourist map in southern Cyprus one could be forgiven for thinking that the Isle of Aphrodite lies in the realm of a contemporary Middle Earth. Substitute "Here be Dragons" for "Inaccessible due to Turkish Occupation" and the myth would be complete.
Sep 2007

Cyprus rural tourism event set for Paphos Castle on Saturday
Efforts are underway to establish Cyprus on the international tourist map as a destination offering a wealth of unique experiences beyond the traditional ‘sun, sand and sea’. Sep 2007

Cyprus offering inland delights
Property investors looking to invest in Cyprus are heading inland, it would appear. While the traditional appeal of the country focuses on the azure Mediterranean waters, beaches and sunshine...
Sep 2007

Family travel: yoga in Cyprus
Pamela Goodman's busy schedule left no time for yoga, so a mother-and-child course in Cyprus sounded ideal.
Sep 2007

Cyprus airports report record numbers
Passenger flow through airports in Cyprus hit an all-time high last month, suggesting the Mediterranean island is growing in popularity as a holiday destination.
Sep 2007

Cyprus offer late summer sun throughout October
While summer will soon turn to autumn in much of Europe, Cyprus, the southernmost island in the Mediterranean, enjoys a much longer sunshine season, with high temperatures lasting far into October.
Sep 2007

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Cyprus Travel news

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