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Croatia Travel: An 'ethical choice'

Touristclick Croatia Travel News

Croatia Travel: An 'ethical choice'

by Croatian Villas

Croatia has been ranked in the world's top ten most ethical destinations to holiday, which is good news for those seeking an eco-holiday this year.

A study from the Ethical Traveler, which surveyed more than 70 locations, deemed Bulgaria and Croatia to be in the top ten, reports

Each destination was ranked on environmental protection, social welfare and human rights.

Croatia scored highly in the environmental sustainability and responsibility index with its "large percentage of protected eco-regions" being particularly commended.

Jeff Greenwald, executive director of Ethical Traveler, told the website: "Each year, the public interest in responsible tourism grows."

He added the report "helps travellers who choose to use their tourism dollars to support human rights and the environment."

Also included in the top ten were Costa Rica, Estonia, Namibia, South Africa, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Nicaragua.

It was also recently revealed that value for money is tempting holidaymakers to the country as it is a reasonably priced place to visit, according to Charisma PR, speaking on behalf of the Croatian National Tourist Board.

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