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Atong Ang needs Cambodia gambling consultancy..

Touristclick Cambodia Travel News

Atong Ang needs Cambodia gambling consultancy badly

By Jocelyn Uy

MANILA, Philippines -- Charlie "Atong" Ang, on probation on plunder charges, has again asked the Sandiganbayan for a seven-day pass to travel to Cambodia where a lottery consultancy awaits him.

Before the anti-graft court closed for the long weekend on Wednesday, Ang filed a petition asking its Special Division to resolve the motion for reconsideration he filed on September 12 seeking a reversal of the ruling barring him from making the Cambodia trip.

Ang, through lawyer Ruth Castelo, said the only reason he wanted the job was to be able to settle the debts he incurred to pay the P25-million civil liability the court imposed on him after he pleaded guilty to a lesser offense in the plunder case in which he was a co-accused with deposed president Joseph Estrada.

Ang said his creditors were preparing lawsuits against him for his failure to pay them since the court sentenced him to six years for indirect bribery and ordered him to pay the government P25 million in March.

The court, however, advised Ang not to participate in any form of numbers games when it placed him on probation


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