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Akron Man Dies While Traveling In Cambodia

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Akron Man Dies While Traveling In Cambodia
AKRON, Ohio -- A northeast Ohio mother and father are mourning after their son died in Cambodia on Friday.

The circumstances since Todd Wunderle's death have taught the family some tough lessons about overseas travel, reported NewsChannel5.

"Parent's worst nightmare. Four in the morning. 'Hello, is this Mrs. Wunderle? This is the U.S. Embassy in Cambodia and we regret to inform you that your son Todd is dead,'" said Carl Wunderle.
Bringing their son's body home for a proper burial would cost the Wunderles $15,000, money the couple doesn't have.

"We're going to need help with the money because we had to beg and borrow the money. We just don't have that laying around but you do what you have to do. Sometimes you make a deal with the devil if that's what you have to do because it's our son," said Carle Wunderle.

Todd graduated from Kent State and was teaching English in Korea. He was in Cambodia when he needed to refill a prescription for his thyroid medication.

The thought is that he had an allergic reaction to the different medicine, and he died of a heart attack at the age of 26.

Now his family says that anyone traveling overseas should get travel insurance. Without it, paying for something like bringing a body home is very difficult.
The Wunderles expect Todd's body to be home this weekend.

Donations to the Todd Wunderle fund can be made at any Huntington Bank location.

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