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Bulgaria Travel News
Take a time to explore our Bulgaria travel News section before you travel to Bulgaria.

Touristclick Bulgaria Travel News

Bulgaria's pensioners forced to work
"I know how to save money but I can't even think of comparing myself to others like me in the West, who can make the most of their retirement and travel. ... ...Aug 2008

Increase in alternative tourists visiting Bulgaria
Travel agencies from the UK offer two-week package deals for about 1000 to 2000 pounds, while Bulgarian companies offer two-week tours for 1500 euro per ...Aug 2008

Family hotel for sale in St Constantine, Bulgaria
Includes a 2-bedroom apartment for the owner and a staff room. by Sybil Hofmann How do you expect luxury travel to perform in times of economic downturn? ...Aug 2008

This would be the second time Alma Tour gained control over a foreign tour operator since it already owned the majority share of Fiji Travel – a company ...

Bulgarian vets visit UD to learn 'Delaware Model' for containing ...
UD personnel will travel to Bulgaria in the spring to provide follow-on technical assistance, Gelb said. “It's a two-way street,” Gelb noted. ...

bigger hotel database for travels
its products and services are being used by corporate, leisure and student travel agencies, consolidators and airline companies in 20 ...

Bulgaria Attends 'World Travel Market' Expo in London
Bulgaria will take part in the international tourism expo ‘World Travel Market' informed from the State Agency of Tourism (SAT). ...

Fly to let - Hot spots
Maceio is forecast for significant growth in travel and tourism, promising to become a top destination for Brazil property investment. ...

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Bulgaria Travel news

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