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Bulgaria Attends 'World Travel Market' Expo in London

Touristclick Bulgaria Travel News

Bulgaria Attends 'World Travel Market' Expo in London

by Blaga Bangieva

The agency's chairperson Anelia Krushkova will give a press conference in relation with the upcoming event.

The expo will start on Sunday, November 11 and will continue the next 4 days in London, UK.World Travel Market takes 2nd place among the world biggest and significant tourism expositions.

It is also the biggest market opened only for professional public.

As a tradition Bulgaria and its trade-economy potential will be presented at the expo. It will be pointed out to the export stimulating and the increase of national economy's competitiveness.

Bulgaria's collaboration with foreign organizations in the forum is expressed by active exchange of company, trade and business information.

Every year World Travel Marketis visited by 100,000 people from all points of the world.

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