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Bangladesh capital to build metro system

Touristclick Bangladesh Travel News

Bangladesh capital to build metro system

by AFP

DHAKA (AFP) — Bangladesh plans to build an underground railway in Dhaka in the next five years at a cost of one billion dollars to ease traffic in one of the world's most congested capitals, an official said Monday.

"The government has decided to build an underground railway network in the capital. The Board of Investment will soon invite international bidding for the contract," communications ministry spokesman Aminul Islam said.

The proposed 52-kilometre (32-mile) subway will ferry up to 90,000 people an hour on six lines in the capital of 12 million where an estimated 400,000 cars, buses, trucks and motorcycles vie with people, rickshaws and hand-pulled carts for space on narrow roads.

The government will give preference to consortiums which could provide finance and recoup the investment through fare charges within three decades, Islam said.

A military-backed emergency government that came to power in January following months of political unrest that led to polls being cancelled has bulldozed thousands of homes and buildings in Dhaka to ease congestion.

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Bangladesh Travel news

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