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Wine Food Pairing in an Austrian Hotel Room

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Wine Food Pairing in an Austrian Hotel Room

by Denise Clarke

Traveling in Austria is a wonderful opportunity to do Wine Food Pairing from your hotel room! Never let an opportunity like this pass you by.

Austria has some terrific wines that can be purchased very reasonably and depending on the area of the country you are visiting, you may have opportunities to visit the actual winery and speak with the wine farmers! A favorite red wine made in Austria is Blaufrankisch. This is a medium to full bodied dry wine that is known for the tannins and pairs beautifully with a lot of the heavy foods that the Austrians are so famous for.

While traveling through wine country make sure to stop and buy a few bottles. Immediately put the bottles in your overnight bag so they will be ready when you get to your room for the night. After all, just because you are on the road does not mean that you should suffer without an evening glass of wonderful wine! Always pack a corkscrew and a knife in your overnight bag, but please remember to remove it if you are flying and it is in your carry-on bag. You do not need to have any international incidents!

Many of the mountain roads in Austria also have cheese factories, I guess because the milk cows graze in the nearby fields. These factories are small, usually family run affairs, but some of the tastiest cheese that you will ever wrap your lips around, comes out of these places! Take time to stop and check them out, you will not be disappointed. Of course, you must make a purchase here, also. Depending on your cheese purchase, you might want to keep it in a ziploc bag that you bring along for just this purpose. I do not recommend putting a stinky blue cheese in your over night bag, the memory of it will linger long after you return home! Pictures are much better reminders of your Austrian visit!

When your day of travel winds down and you check into your hotel for the night, it is always such a treat to unpack, take a hot shower to wash off the road grime and find your wine and cheese treasures that you have hidden away. All rooms in Austria are stocked with drink glasses, some even have wine glasses available.

What better way to ponder your evening activities than with your feet up, enjoying a wonderful Blaufrankisch and a rich cheese right from the factory? Hopefully you have remembered to pack or pick up a candle to light for a bit of added ambiance. It is the small things that make a trip memorable, and after all, you deserve the best?

Wine Food Pairing in your hotel room is easy to do with just a bit of planning. Make the most of it! CHEERS!