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Cuba Promoted as Tourist Destination in Argentina

Touristclick Argentina Travel News

Cuba Promoted as Tourist Destination in Argentina


During a meeting in Buenos Aires with travel agents, tour operators and other professionals of the tourism sector, the Cuban diplomat added that this increase of tourists also reflects the improvement of the Argentinean economy and Cuba's capacity to assimilate them.

According to Prensa Latina news agency, he expressed his confidence that the number of tourists will grow in 2008 as well as the quality of the services they will receive on the island.

For his part, Mario Ramos Alvarez, director of the Office of Information and Tourist Promotion of Cuba for South America, thanked participants for their work, which has allowed the increase of the tourist flow from Argentina to Cuba.

He noted that, while 30,000 tourists arrived in Cuba from Argentina in 2006, the figure this year will increase to around 36,000 or 37,000, that is, a 20% growth.

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