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Hotel Belsito
The Belsito Hotel in Capri island Italy, house just built at the end of 1700 and transformed in inn at the beginning of 1900. From its typical merlature, like a castle, the view of the Belsito embraces good part of the island from the center to the bay of Marina Piccola.
Hotel Caesar Augustus
Capri, Hotel Caesar Augustus. On a picturesque cliff 1000 feet above the Bay of Naples, the resort Hotel Caesar Augustus offers one of the most spectacular vistas you can find on the isle of Capri!
Hotel Casa Morgano
ITALY - Capri Island web site. Find vacation packages and make hotel reservations, find maps, destination information, travel news and more.
Hotel Flora
Hotel Flora Isle of Capri - ITALY
Hotel Gatto Bianco
Modern and comfortable hotel with the fascinating ambience of times gone by, set amidst a peaceful patio-garden, just a few steps away from the famous “Piazzetta”, the Cable-car, the fashionable Via Camerelle.
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